The Final Countdown

THIS has been my theme music since Monday… I am currently 9 DAYS OUT from my first ever NPC Figure Competition.  I’ve been training for the past 11 weeks and I have one week left! So crazy that my journey has brought me to this point.  My suit came in the mail today and everything is coming together! AHH!

Anyway, I just wanted to throw in a quick ab circuit to give those abs a little burnnn (hense the abs pic):

REPEAT X3 :30 crunches–> Pause and squeeze abs at the top for 5 seconds–> Pulse abs x10, hold :5

Russian Twist x25 ea side

Jack knives (V-Ups) x20

Leg Huggers x 20

Bicycles x10 ea leg–> Hold ea leg for :2 and switch slowly x10–> Fast x10ea leg

Situps x 25

Leg Raises x25

Plank: As long as you can!

Repeat this circuit 2 or 3 times depending on your intensity- trying to beat your plank time.

What’s your favorite ab exercise? Mine are definitely Russian Twists because they burn so bad!!

Have a wonderful day!



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